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Received a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science with emphasis in IT and Computer Security on December 2013. Started my Master's in Computer Science on January 2014. Graduated in May of 2017.

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Currently working with Peter Stangl on Android app for climbers. Climbers like to climb in the sun when its cool and shade when its hot. The app will show the climbing route's accessibility to the sun/shade based upon picked day(current or future.)

Peter Stangl

Great climber and a teammate. Has degrees in B.S Biochemistry, B.A. Chemistry. About to finish his M.S. Natural Resources Science and Management.

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Compiler and CPU Simulator


CS-409 Topics In Compiler Theory started with defining a simple high level programming language. Then gradually developed all of the phases of the compiler: simple language → pre-compiler → tokens → intermediate code → assembly.

Enigma Machine

C# | Visual Studio 2012

A cipher machine used by the Germans during World War II. This is a replica of the Enigma I used by the Army. It uses three out of five rotors that were available by the end of the war. Plugs were used for extra security, which swapped letters going in and out of the machine. Research project presented at the Twenty-First Annual Student Research And Creative Activities Symposium on April 19, 2013

Testing Site

C# | ASP.NET | AccessDB | Selenium

Web site created for testing web site vulnerabilities for (CS-361) Secure Programming And Testing class during the fall 2013 semester at NEIU. This was a team project that included: Derek, Yorland, and myself. Visual Studio 2012 was used to create the web site and Team Foundation was used for version control. Some tools that were used in class: ZAP, WebScarab, WebGoat, and Selenium,

Value Iteration

PHP | JavaScript | HTML | CSS

This web application calculates the optimal policy using Value Iteration. Optimal policy maximizes the expected sum of rewards moving from one state to another with the highest state being the ultimate goal. In other words, your direction of movement from one state to another is dictated by the highest value of the next state. Following the highest value leads to the finish/goal.



Salt Creek Overlook, Wyoming

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Presho, SD

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Budwiser Motorcycle, Deadwood SD

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